Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The unfortunate case of Salt'n'Pepa...

I (Like everyone else in the world) assumed Salt'n'Peppa's 'Push It Real Good' was on their 1990 album Black Magic, along with 'Let's Talk About Sex'. Not so. 'Push It' actually dates to 1986, released on their platinum selling 'Hot Cool and Vicious'. And I believe was an EP before that. Either way, it was certainly not an early 90s top 40 hit.

The devastation was accute. I accepted full responsibility and begged Katian to allow this one indiscretion. I took her violent writhing on the floor as a 'maybe'. She roused later in the week to disown me in every possible sense before skulking to the study to watch the 7th consecutive series of America's next top model, apparently Tyra is in the full throws of a manic episode by this season.

We eventually reasoned that our efforts on the video cannot be laid to waste. It was permitted to survive, on the condition that it stand in exile from the rest of our efforts as an example to the rest. This was merciful. To view this rare and soon to be tragically destroyed material go to vimeo link above and listen on myspace.